In thinking about your 2018 planning, below are 5 tips that will add value. Like Robin Williams said in Dead Poet Society ~ Carpe Diem. Embrace the new year to do something great!

  • Maximize Registration

The key takeaway – Be Proactive with getting your programming to the parents. Mom controls the calendar; she has already started signing her child up for afterschool activities. If you wait until 2018 to market your programs, you will likely have missed getting on the Family Calendar.


  • Maximize Resources

The #1 key to a successful junior golf program is having a dynamic leader that has a passion for kids, teaching golf and has excellent communication skills. For an Operator, he is your CEO of revenue for your facility. A strong junior coach is worth every penny related to impacting all aspects of revenue and member retention.


  • Maximize Revenue

The most profitable and impactful programs are those that have a “Group” (1-many) teaching philosophy. By having classes filled with players (6-10 families), everyone will make more money; the golf coach, the facility and operators. Link to – Junior.Golf Player Pathway.


  • Maximizing Engagement

Everything in our world continues to become more digital; the current generation of millennial parents and digital players only know a technology-enabled world. Take advantage of tools that create a better customer experience, track improvements and win over the the next generation of customers. ***Link to Junior.Golf video***


  • Maximize # of Players

Has your facility ever asked you the question: Are you interested in your child being introduced to golf? We started assisting our facilities ask this question; immediately we increased the number of new players by between 10-15%. Once activated, give these parents and players the tools to stay engaged and make learning fun.


Junior.Golf can help you maximize the financial impact of your junior program. To learn more about how Junior.Golf can benefit your facility, enter your email below: