Nothing makes us happier here at Junior.Golf than hearing a success story from a parent about using fun and creativity to enjoy the game of golf with their child. What’s even better? Hearing that their child took somebody else’s game and made it their own.

Our friend Ava, who is quite the little golfer, came up with her own new game that is a modified version of the “Dollar Game” for chipping. Ava, instead of using dollars, designed her own prizes, cut in the shape of a dollar. She has about 25 of them overall—though this game could be played with any number of prizes.

Some of her prizes included:

  • Skittles
  • Coke Floats
  • Golf Hat
  • Trip to the beach (Grand Prize)

Needless to say, with an assortment of prizes like this, any young golfer would have a little extra motivation, not to mention, Ava’s father was pleased as punch to have a game they both enjoyed.

After the cards were completed, Ava went to the golf course putting green ready for action.  Her father arranged the cards based on different levels of difficulty, with the grand prize being tucked away on a side hill lie about 40 feet away.  The chipping began. Two hours later, Ava had earned 5 of her prizes.

(Above is a video example) Watch Ava chipping for big prizes.

Making this game extra special, Ava still had 20 more prizes that she could earn.  To her father’s surprise, and delight, the first thing the next morning, Ava woke up and requested to go to the golf course for more chipping.

Ava and her parents will be going to the beach this summer; she earned that prize on her first outing! Way to go Ava!

Ava and any other golfer out there, if you have a favorite game, please continue to share.

For all the golfing parents out there, there may be nothing more wonderful than seeing a child learn to love the game of golf while, more importantly, getting to spend quality time with a parent.

Junior.Golf would like to thank Ava for her creativity and for sharing her experience with other little golfers… The Ava Game of 25 will live forever!

Here’s to keeping it FUN!