Chris Knobloch is the Owner of Junior Golf 365 & the Director of Instruction at The Clubs of Peachtree City. He is a USKIDS TOP 50 Master Kids Teacher and the 2017 Georgia PGA Youth Player Development Recipient.

Chris has been a Junior.Golf Pro since early 2017 and uses the platform to track, engage and communicate with over 600 golfers. We asked Chris a few questions about his junior program:

Junior.Golf: How many players are on your platform? 

Chris: Junior Golf 365 has just under 600 players in our platform. At the beginning of 2017, I needed a solution to gather all juniors who are attending or have attended our programs, Junior.Golf solved that problem.

Junior.Golf: How has the Junior.Golf platform helped you increase your productivity and save you time?

Chris: Having all of my juniors in one place, I can easily communicate with them at anytime, promote new classes/camps/events or letting parents know when a class changes due to weather. This feature has increased my productivity as well as generated more revenue this past year.

Junior.GolfHow has the Junior.Golf platform helped you generate more revenue and create a better experience for your players?

Chris: Junior.Golf platform has created a simple registration / class schedule  / communication tool which ties directly into my website has finally created a positive experience for my parents to get their kids into our programs/ camps / classes / events.  I have been searching for this for the past 12 years. The club’s lesson revenue has definitely increased from the previous years.

Junior.Golf: What is your favorite Junior.Golf feature? 

Chris: My favorite feature of Junior.Golf feature is the PRO App, which has the potential to be your best friend in running a great junior program. Taking Attendance, assigning drills and simple tasks that we as professionals can now do within the class from the lesson tee. AWESOME STUFF!

Junior.Golf: What 1 piece of advice would you give to existing Junior.Golf customers?

Chris: Embrace technology to run your business more efficiently. This will allow each one of us to do what we all enjoy; teaching our future golfers this great game!  Junior.Golf has done that for me in 2017 and the future upgrades will raise our program to the next level.


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